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 Terms of use

User's terms of the website:

By entering the website (including forums and all pages), the user accepts the following terms, even if he or she is not a registered user of any of the page's services:

1. To access specified services of the website, a registration is required.

2. By performing registration, the user (visitor) consents to the publication of his or her data provided in the course of registration and use, in a statistically processed form, not associable with IDs in an individual forming statistics, analyses and user lists compiled by Huntraco Trading and Servicing Ltd. (hereinafter called Huntraco Ltd.). During its business activity, Huntraco Ltd. shall be entitled to use these documents in the course of its business activities.

3. The user assumes an obligation not to abuse and to exclusively use in a legal manner the data obtained in the course of using the service.

4. Huntraco Ltd. shall be entitled to handle and process the personal data of the user provided during registration and the further use of/visit to the website, as laid down in the website's "Data protection" document. Consent to data handling and processing shall be considered given on the part of the user, concerning data, both personal and relating to organizations, provided by the user during registration or anytime later, if the user performs registration. By performing registration, the user acknowledges that he has got acquainted with these user's terms and the terms as laid down in the document "Data protection" found on the website, and considers them obligatory to him or her in everything.

5. The data provided by the user shall be accurate and valid, and responsibility for this shall be borne by the user in every respect. Huntraco Ltd. shall not check the data provided by users, and shall not assume any responsibility for the validity and accuracy of data.

6. The names and logos of Huntraco and the partners referred to herein are the goods indicators, brands and registered trade marks of Huntraco Ltd., and its contracted partners, Caterpillar, Ingersoll-Rand, Genie, Selwood, ORM, Zeppelin, JCB and Volvo. The other product and company names mentioned are trade marks of the entitled company.

7. Any written, still picture, motion picture or other materials on the website, belonging to the name and image of Huntraco Ltd. shall be used, electronically published, copied or used in other places in any form exclusively with the prior written consent of Huntraco Ltd.

8. Documents, data, information, figures, graphics, pictures, etc. on the website (hereinafter called content) may contain technical inaccuracies and errors, and Huntraco Ltd shall not assume any responsibility for them. Huntraco Ltd. shall not assume any responsibility for the suitability for any purpose of the content published on the website. Huntraco Ltd shall place all contents on the website in "its current state", without any guarantee, and they can change without any prior notice. All risks from the use of the content shall be borne by the user. Huntraco Ltd. and/or its contracted partners shall not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or undisturbed operation of the content of the website, any direct, indirect, special or any other damage (including, without restriction, to lost profit, damages related to the interruption of the business, or the loss of business information and the loss of data), even if Huntraco Ltd. had been previously notified of the possibility of such damages.

9. It shall be fully user's responsibility to check the accuracy, reliability and faultlessness of the content found on the website.

10. Huntraco Ltd. shall do its best to ensure an undisturbed operation of the website, it shall, however, not assume any responsibility for it. For such cause, user shall not enforce any compensation or other claim against Huntraco Ltd.

11. Huntraco Ltd. reserves the right to modify the content or structure or all other elements of the website anytime.

12. Huntraco Ltd. shall not assume any responsibility for the violation of copyright and adjacent rights by third parties.

13. In the case of a violation of the rules laying down the user's conditions of the www. website, Huntraco Ltd. and/or the party suffering a violation shall be entitled to immediately make the legal steps made necessary by the grievance or infringement of the law, i.e. in the case of claims pertaining to the civil law, it may take legal action, and, in an appropriate case, to start the sale and removal procedure as regulated in the electronic trading act, in the case of suspicion of crime, to report, in other cases to inform the authority competent in the matter, and to co-operate with the acting agencies.

14. Regarding the issues not regulated under these User's terms, the provisions of the effective Hungarian Law shall be applied. In each case, if any of the terms, due to some reason, qualifies null and void, it shall be replaced by a provision that is the most appropriate in terms of the legal effect intended to be conveyed by the ineffective provision, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms.